Who we are: Over 100 million tests delivered in more than 30 languages worldwide.
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TAO, from Open Assessment Technologies, is the leading digital assessment solution for education and career advancement. Modular, customizable and interoperable by design, TAO empowers you to break free from the confines of proprietary silos, eliminate expensive licensing fees, take full control of your testing resources, and enjoy enterprise-level support. TAO has delivered over 100 million tests in more than 50 languages and 160 countries worldwide.

TAO represents a drastic departure from the proprietary systems that are still the norm today. Its open and versatile architecture means it can be extended and adapted to virtually any assessment needs. A web-based application, TAO is available via any standard browser, allowing test sponsors to deliver tests across locations and organizations.

Contact/ Sales Email: inbound@taotesting.com
Contact:   Ms Monica Tuset
Country: Spain