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RM™ Assessment provides cutting-edge digital assessment solutions to educational institutions, exam awarding bodies and governments worldwide to enable them to deliver their high-stakes exams on-screen.

Part of RM plc established in 1973, RM Assessment is trusted by over 40 organisations in over 160 countries, including Cambridge University Press and Assessment, International Baccalaureate and New Zealand’s national awarding body, NZQA.

RM Assessment’s specialist consultants leverage this experience to inspire and advise organisations on their digital assessment journey around our leading products:

RM Assessment Master – create, deliver, mark and certify engaging, authentic, and accessible assessments that rigorously measure real-world skills.

RM Assessor - make high-stakes assessment marking more efficient, rigorous and secure, whether it’s a scanned, handwritten script or an on-screen digital exam; a fully functional spreadsheet or videos and photos of practical work.

RM Compare -use Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ) to efficiently rank items (documents, audio, video, etc) and create a reliable standard.

Contact/ Sales Email: assessment@rm.com
Country: United Kingdom